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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You've got questions? We've got answers! Please peruse the FAQ to see some of the questions the Order is most often asked.

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Pearl Line

1. What is the Order of the Pearl?
The Order of the Pearl honors and recognizes those subjects of the Kingdom of Atlantia who have distinguished themselves by their efforts and willingness to teach other subjects of the Society the arts and sciences of the SCA period, and/or their excellence in the arts & sciences of the period.
2. About this web site
* It is built on the Atlantian Order of Precedence (OP). All award data that is displayed is gathered from the OP database. Updates to the OP will be reflected on your individual page; people are not displayed on the Pearl site until they are in the OP as a Pearl.

* For that reason, there are several OP-related pieces of info you can't change in the Pearl web site: your award listing (including your Pearl), your registered SCA name, blazon, and respective registration dates, and an image of your device. To change these, you need to get the Clerk of Precedence to update the OP for you.

* Due to security restrictions on the site, you also cannot upload your own images. To include images of yourself or your Pearl scroll, contact the Order Principal, who can upload these files for you.

* Once you have updated information for the Pearl page, the same information will be updated on any other Order pages built off this data (such as the Laurel page). No need to do the data-entry more than once!

* You need an account to make changes. Click on 'Request Account' and enter the information that will help the Principal know that you're really one of our order members. You create a password - try to remember it! No one else will ever see your password. The principal will get an email that says someone has requested the account. If you're recognizable to the Principal, she will give you access to edit your information. You will get an email back when your account is approved.

* Information you mark as 'private' will not be displayed on the web page. This info will only be visible to you in 'edit' mode and available in a report to the Principal.

* When you update the information about yourself, there are two pages: one has information about you; the other has information about your Pearl award. The information about you has a free text area where you can list anything you want - perhaps your current interests, artistic endeavors and successes, or your household. Information about your award has a drop-down list to select the art for which you were recognized. Try to keep this selection as the art you were recognized for, and put any other endeavors in the free-text section.
3. Is there a handbook or manual to help me understand the Order?
Yes. The Pearl Manual is stored on this website. Please see the navigation pane on the left of your screen.
4. Is there a Pearl E-List?
Yes. The Pearls have two e-lists.
For discussions:
For pollings:

Membership to these e-lists is limited to Members of the Order of the Pearl and moderated by the Principal
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